Greek Mythology List of Independent Project Choices

1.  Create a Greek mask for one of your favorite Greek gods or goddesses.  Perhaps you could add a prop that would befit your selection.

See #1 Rubric

2. Create a video commercial for one of the gods/goddesses.  You will want to feature a product that would be used by the god/goddess. (This may be done as a duo).

See #2 Rubric

3.  Create for one of the gods an item which depicts something he or she is known for having.  For instance, create winged sandals for Hermes, a shield for Athena, a lyre for Apollo, etc.

See #3 Rubric

4. Create a film poster that could be used to feature a mythological tale. 

See #4 Rubric

5. Greek mythology in advertising. Research several mediums (books, magazines, TV ads, internet) to compile a list of at least 10 products that have a Greek mythology connection. Create a presentation that will reveal and explain your findings to the class.

See #5 Rubric

6.  Create a new god or goddess. 

See #6 Rubric

7. Create a media presentation of the Ancient Greek mythological structures which can still be seen today. You will need to conduct research in detailing the history of the structures and connecting them to Greek mythology.

See #7 Rubric

8. For those of you who like to draw, Greek mythology has numerous monsters throughout its tales, and each provides the spirited artist an opportunity to use his/her talents in recreating these creatures.  Create a sketchbook of several (3 or more). 

See #8 Rubric

9. Create a board game based on a Greek hero or tale.

See #9 Rubric

10. Model a figure out of clay of one of the heroes or gods from the myths OR you may create a vase out of clay that depicts a mythological tale.

See #10 Rubric

Click on the links to view additional information regarding each project and to determine how the project will be assessed.